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The Games Industry Salary survey is a leading authority on salary and benefits data for the global video games industry. Employees exchange real salary information anonymously and the results are updated real-time. Our website is free to use and community-based. Thanks for contributing!

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Last 5 Salary Contributions
Salary Job Title Location Job Type Date Added
$32,000  PR Executive Saudi Arabia Permanent 16th Jan 17
£30,000  Junior Analyst United Kingdom Permanent 16th Jan 17
£45,000  Junior Technical Artist United Kingdom Permanent 13th Jan 17
£65,000  Creative Director United Kingdom Permanent 12th Jan 17
£35,000  Game Artist United Kingdom Permanent 10th Jan 17

All salaries are posted anonymously. Games Industry Salary Survey is the only live real-time salary survey for the games industry providing accurate, global remuneration data to employees and companies 24/7/365.


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